Artwork Requirements

We are always willing to accommodate you! However, advice for quick service and to avoid delay, the following guidelines have been provided for art submission.

FlagMaster's preferred software application is Adobe Illustrator as it is an industry standard. If this format is not an option, we do accept many other formats such as EPS, AI, TIFF, PSD, PDF. Send us whatever you have! we can work with almost any file format.

Our art department contains state-of-the-art hardware and software to supply all your graphic needs. We will provide digital or paper proof with your order. We do not charge expensive art charges like some over places, as long as we are provided the basic art you need we will provide changes or simple layout with no hidden fees (some restrictions do apply). Please review the following information to help us provide the best quality print possible.

Adobe Illustrator

  • All fonts must be converted to paths. If possible, fonts should be included also.
  • Images containing vector art only will automatically print at highest resolution.
  • Print quality for images containing imported files and raster art/copy will vary. Any raster art will print at the resolution assigned in in file (see recommended scanning resolution formula below) and any vector art/copy will print at highest resolution.
  • PMS numbers must be assigned to all art and copy. Four color process printing will not print exact PMS colors but will be close.

Quark / InDesign Format

We do not accept Quark/InDesign files. If using these programs please export all files as pdf's with all fonts converted to outlines.

Scanning Formula

  • The following is a formula for calculating required DPI for scanning purposes. Keep in mind that we require a DPI of at least 150 at full size. Lower resolution images will result in less than desirable output.
  • Final Print Height of Image Scan = X (Scan Resolution) Required Resolution (150)
  • For example if the finished size of the banner is 36 inches and the artwork will be scanned at a height of 3 inches, the formula will work as follows:
  • 36 @ 150 = 3 @ X (X being required dpi at 3")
  • Therefore: 36/3 = X/150 12 = X/150 12 * 150 = X 1800 = X So the DPI to scan at would be 1800.
  • If the image is created 1" = 1' resolution must be 12 times higher than requirements of 150 dpi full size.

general file information

  • Files can be saved as either an EPS or Tif file. Sending a copy of the layered Photoshop file of complex images is also an excellent idea. * PMS numbers must be assigned to all copy.
  • Accepted File Formats: Illustrator CS5 or below, or Photoshop CS5 or below (note: DO NOT flatten Photoshop files).
  • Accepted Disks: CD-ROM, and DVD.

file upload

Flagmaster can receive your files via our secure file upload page.


Any questions can be directed to your sales representative or the Art Department.